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Censor Dodge is a fast growing company that aims to provide the fastest and most up-to-date web proxy on the market. The completely open-source web proxy script was refined over many years, with the core focus on making it lightweight and fully customisable. Also, for novices, we provide the pioneering one-click proxy setup service free of charge.

Censor Dodge Web Proxy
How Censor Dodge Works:

Censor Dodge on its own provides a wide variety of different services for avoiding censorship and bypassing website blocks. Firstly, the open-source script we provide gives any host a simple way to run a feature rich web proxy system that’s fully customisable and responsive. Lastly, for the novices among us, there is also the one-click proxy setup service that allows for the easy and automatic creation of custom proxies on our servers.

  • Fast and lightweight. Lightning fast straight out of the box.
  • Personalised and attachable themes. Customization support and extensive designing options.
  • Integrated plugin support. Add additional features throughout the code easily.
  • Fully cross-browser compatible. Works with all browsers (even Internet Explorer).
  • Completely open-source. Webmasters may modify the code as they wish.
  • Free lifetime support. Help with any problems that might arise, completely free.
  • PHP 5.1 or higher.
  • cURL and DOMDocument activated (generally activated by default on all hosts).

We are the pioneering force behind the simplest one-click proxy setup service on the market. This means even novices can run a web proxy free from hassle!