About Us

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Censor Dodge was formed to both oppose censorship and as a skill building programming project. At first, our core aim was to get access to websites and resources surrounding journalism, that in the early days of widespread censorship had become blocked. However as censorship began to evolve, so did we. It was then we started to see that our core idea of a robust, powerful web proxy was becoming more and more useful. As a result, we decided to branch into a service. One which everyone could use for free, without worrying about privacy issues.

Our Services:

The first service to come out of our direction change was the delivery of authorised, unblocked proxies to users directly via email, making it easy to find a new working proxy without any effort at all.

One of our currently most popular and widely used services, the one-click proxy setup, is a more recent development in our evolution to answer an age-old problem. How do we allow anyone to use the script, no matter their skill level? We decided that offering an easy way to setup a proxy on many sites at no cost, meant that anyone had the ability to bypass internet blocks, no matter the situation or how experienced they were.

The Future:

Just as we have been doing, as time moves on and censorship changes, so will we! No matter what form Censor Dodge takes, our core aim will always to oppose censorship and promote free speech. We will continue to develop our services and open-source web proxy script so that we can keep fighting censorship in any form necessary!

All of us are all committed to building a brighter future, where no views get silenced, and there are no blocked websites. A future that we can all be proud of! We can beat censorship, but we need you! Help everyone by spreading the word about us, only then can we all evolve and create something truly greater together.